The change for the new generations must begin on the conservation of the planet, because, if we don’t have any place to live, how do we want to have a future?

«Foodtopia is a “project of resilient local economy” which combines agricultural production, food processing and distribution of food in the geography of a neighborhood; with the aim of reducing in a half the current price of food and its direct and indirect side effects, through a drastic reduction of energy consumption throughout the food production chain.» as Jesús, the creator of this great initiative defines in, the official website of the eco-friendly restaurant.

The idea is to reduce the rubbish produced when you buy your food on a normal restaurant or in a supermarket to the maximum point, so that we can restore a clean planet in which the incoming generations can have a plenty life. Foodtopia is very concerned about the dangers of wasting resources at the actual pace and if the young people doesn’t star moving now, when we realise about the damage we are doing to the Earth, it will be too late.

We had the chance to have a talk with Jesús and Lucía, the director and the manager of Foodtopia, respectively, and they told us a lot of interesting things about how the world could be saved if we take part in a change. Below, you can click the link and it will take you to the full interview with Lucía. Hope you enjoy!


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